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Snuggle Bunny Poncho – PDF Sewing Pattern

$12 Canadian Dollars
Approx $9 USD/£7 GBP/€8 EUR/$13 AUD (pricing will convert to your local currency at checkout)

A pullover style poncho with some special features to keep out the breeze, and make winter car seat safety a breeze too!

Instant download printable sewing pattern for sizes 18m to 14 youth.


Design Features & Options
  • Two different hood styles (basic or banded) with a scuba neckline to help keep out the cold air
  • Hood and neck hole sizes come in two variations – one for fabrics with 0-20% stretch and one for fabrics over 20% stretch
  • Optional elastic casing for the hood, recommended for fabrics with poor stretch recovery, or if you want to size up for a poncho that will last longer
  • Banded hood has the option to be made as single or double layer
  • Optional brim for the basic hood
  • Optional bottom-opening zipper for the cape – this can be placed on the front to help with doing up car seat buckles underneath, OR on the back to allow the back to drape to the sides of the car seat instead of needing to be flipped up over the back of the car seat
  • Optional decorative bunny ears for the hoods
  • Single or double layer cape – double layer ponchos can be made reversible! (exception: the reversible method cannot be used with an elastic casing hood AND a zippered cape – all other combinations can be reversible)
Pattern File Features
  • Size layers – choose which sizes to print and save your ink
  • Prints on both letter and A4 sized paper
  • Pages can be assembled either by trimming your pages, or overlapping them (trimless method)
  • All important info provided on pattern pieces for easy reference (seam allowance, grain line, size labels, cutting instructions, pattern name, top and bottom for directional prints, etc.)
  • Optional band rectangular pieces to print (cut dimensions also provided in tutorial)
  • An A0 file is provided for those who prefer to print at a copy shop on blueprint sized paper, with no page assembly required
  • A projector file is provided, for those who are set up with a projector calibrated for use in pattern tracing or cutting
Tutorial Features
  • Imperial and metric measurements throughout the tutorial
  • Size chart and finished measurements chart
  • Detailed printing instructions
  • Detailed pattern assembly instructions
  • Size blending instructions, for those whose head circumference and height fall into different sizes
  • Cut chart for rectangular pieces (pattern pieces also provided)
  • Detailed sewing instructions with photos and illustrations
Recommended Fabric Types

Since there are separate pieces for stretch fabrics and non-stretch fabrics, this poncho can be made in nearly any fabric you desire! Some suggested fabrics are: softshell, fleece, sweater knits, french terry, flannel, cotton woven, minky/chenille, faux fur, PUL, boiled wool, and other heavy outerwear fabrics. 


Can this poncho be used in a car seat? Yes! It is designed to be worn safely over car seat straps, and flipped up in the back or sides so it does not go between the child and the car seat. ***IMPORTANT – do not use unsupervised (such as in a car seat) for any child that does not have adequate motor control to easily remove the hood if it moves onto their face. Also, do not use when car is fully warmed, due to risk of overheating. It is meant to be used at very low temperatures for short trips only, when the car is not fully warmed***  

Can I sell items I make with this pattern? Yes! Purchasers are welcome to sell their finished products.

Can I share this pattern with a friend? No – purchase is for one copy only, please do not sell, share, or distribute this pattern.

$12 Canadian Dollars
Approx $9 USD/£7 GBP/€8 EUR/$13 AUD (pricing will convert to your local currency at checkout)
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