Side Flounce Hack for Sugar Pea Tunic

One of our fantastic customers came up with this hack, to put the flounces only on the sides of the Sugar Pea. What a great fabric saver! Here's how she did it:


First, find the hip notch on the skirt piece, and fold/cut a straight line through it as shown (the notch was at the top of the fold/cut). This new straight edge will be the FOLD. Cut TWO (on the fold) at the long hem line and TWO (on the fold) at the short hem line.

Next cut the front piece as normal, then lay the back piece over the front piece (lining up the armscye) and cut a back piece like this (with the extended length of the front).

Cut sleeves/armbands/neckband as usual.

Sew the dress (except for the skirts) as per usual.


Hem the short flounces. Then take one long flounce and one short. Layer the short on top of the long (wrong side of short to right side of long), then pin/clip the top center of the flounces (where the notch was) to the seam at the hip. Then pin/clip the flounces down to the hem line as shown.

Hem the dress as per usual, and you're done!