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How to Add Arm Holes to ANY Car Seat Poncho!

Are you planning to sew a car seat poncho, like maybe the zippered/size adjustable Goober Pea Pod (shown in this tutorial) or the FREE Snuggle Bunny Poncho, and want to add on some arm holes? Here’s an easy (and cute!) way to do it! You can even add them to ANY existing car seat poncho!! STEP A – […]

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How to Add a Neckband to the Snuggle Bunny Cape

My daughter has never liked hoods. I kept trying, hoping one winter she’d realize how great they are for keeping your neck warm. But this year, I threw in the towel and took the hood off her newest car seat poncho, and added a neckband instead. She loves it so much better! So, for those […]

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