Welcome to my page! Goober Pea Designs is a line of sewing patterns designed independently in Calgary, Alberta, by Adrienne Currie: a mom of two young kids, who loves to sew and create. I love to design multi functional pieces (such as reversible or size adjustable) and solve problems – for example, my sleep sacks were designed to prevent my own toddler from removing them at night and getting cold.┬áMany of my items are designed for the colder temperatures, being that our summers are short here.

For anyone that may be wondering, “what exactly is a Goober Pea?” – here is the story behind the name: when I was pregnant with my first child and didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl yet, we called him “goober”. I don’t remember why, but I do know we didn’t want to use “peanut” because it was overused…. So, we got curious one day about the origins of the term goober, and that’s when we discovered that a Goober Pea was ironically another term for peanut!