If you are trying to access a pattern purchased PRIOR to Jan 29 2021 (and has not yet been transferred to your new account), please scroll to the bottom of this page for an important message. 

If your pattern was purchased/transferred AFTER Jan 29 2021, please disregard this message and proceed to access your account.

IMPORTANT: Our system changed over to a new platform on Jan 29, 2021. Any patterns ordered prior to that date are no longer accessible via your original download links and accounts. To obtain access to your previous patterns, please register for a new account (if you have not already, since Jan 29 2021) and then email us at hello@gooberpeadesigns.com to request the patterns be transferred over. Transfer requests will be processed by the end of the next business day. You will receive an email when the patterns have been added to your account. 

NOTE: If your new account is under a different email address than your previous orders, please email us from the original email used for the previous orders, and provide the email address for your new account. We do not need to see proof of purchase as long as you are emailing from the original email address (or transferring to an account that uses the same email address). 

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