GPD Patterns - the ultimate Guidebook!

This Guidebook file was created in May 2021 as a way of keeping detailed general information in one place, as a resource for those who need it. This information applies to all (or most) Goober Pea Designs patterns, and by placing it in a separate file, we can make the individual pattern tutorials more streamlined and easy to follow - especially for those who are already familiar with the methods used in Goober Pea patterns.

The file covers topics such as:

  • How to Measure and Choose Size
  • How to Use Finished Measurements
  • How to Print PDF Patterns
  • How to Assemble Goober Pea Patterns
  • How to Blend Sizes
  • How to Cut Fabric
  • Tips for Working with Knit Fabrics
  • Glossary of Common Sewing Terms

The GPD Guidebook is currently included as a download option with the Quadra Jacket files, so if you own this pattern, you may have already downloaded the file.

We will continue expanding this file and will post updates here on this page, and note what date the files was updated.

Click HERE to download the current GPD Guidebook file, published in May 2021.

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