Canmore Cuddle Boots

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Cozy slipper boots in several heights for the entire family!

Instant download printable sewing pattern for sizes Preemie-7 Youth and/or Womens 4-Mens 16 (US Shoe Sizes).  

***THIS PATTERN IS FOR KNIT FABRIC*** If you are wanting to make woven slipper boots, please check out the Rocky Mountain Slipper Boots.

Design Features & Options
  • Ankle height, mid height, or knee height boots
  • Optional side zipper – stylish and helps tuck your pants into the boots
  • Optional cuff (required for zippered option)
  • Exposed seam sole or enclosed seam sole
  • Reversible option for pull-on boot style with enclosed seam sole
  • Regular, Wide, and Narrow foot pieces are provided
  • Additional design features available in blog tutorials to modify the pattern, such as ruching, grommets for lace up sides, and drawstring. View a directory of the blog tutorials. 
Pattern File Features
  • Size layers – choose which sizes to print and save your ink
  • Prints on both letter and A4 sized paper
  • Pages can be assembled either by trimming your pages, or overlapping them (trimless method)
  • All important info provided on pattern pieces for easy reference (seam allowance, grain line, size labels, cutting instructions, pattern name, top and bottom for directional prints, etc.)
  • Optional cuff rectangular pieces to print (cut dimensions also provided in tutorial)
  • An A0 file is provided for those who prefer to print at a copy shop on blueprint sized paper, with no page assembly required 
  • Special adjusted pieces are provided for easy ankle adjustments, for a custom fit
Tutorial Features
  • Imperial and metric measurements throughout the tutorial
  • Size chart and finished measurements chart
  • Detailed printing instructions
  • Detailed pattern assembly instructions
  • Detailed size blending instructions, for a custom fit for those whose foot length and ankle/calf circumference fall into different sizes
  • Cut chart for rectangular pieces (pattern pieces also provided)
  • Detailed sewing instructions with illustrations and videos
Recommended Fabric Types

These boots are designed for medium weight knit fabrics with at least 50% horizontal stretch – such as cotton lycra, french terry, sweater knit, etc.

The lining should be a thicker fabric (also with 50% stretch) such as stretch sherpa, heavy stretch fleece, stretch minky/chenille, etc.

The sole can be made from non-stretch fabrics such as Toughtek, leather, vinyl, corduroy, denim, etc. 

Skill Level Required

Certain aspects of this pattern are more intermediate level, such as the enclosed seam sole option and the size blending techniques for a customized fit.

However, they are certainly doable for a confident beginner that does well following detailed instructions and videos.

If the size blending options are too much to tackle, the boots can be made in the recipients shoe size without adjusting for ankle and calf measurements. The sizing is based on US shoe sizes and will fit similarly to store bought shoes and boots – though the calf and ankle may be a bit bigger in the larger adult sizes, as they were graded to include all shapes, versus store bought boots that usually only fit smaller calves and ankles.

The exposed seam sole option is definitely beginner level, and I suggest that beginners try this method first, before attempting the enclosed seam sole – unless they watch the video first and feel comfortable tackling the enclosed seam.

Can I sell items I make with this pattern? Yes! Purchasers are welcome to sell their finished products. Can I share this pattern with a friend? No – purchase is for one copy only, please do not sell, share, or distribute this pattern.
$12 Canadian Dollars
Approx $9 USD/£7 GBP/€8 EUR/$13 AUD (pricing will convert to your local currency at checkout)

$18 Canadian Dollars

Approx $14 USD/£11 GBP/€12 EUR/$19 AUD (pricing will convert to your local currency at checkout)

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