Do you want to sew clothes for your kids, but find it intimidating, confusing, and way too time consuming?
Parenting is hard, but sewing doesn't have to be! You can fit some creativity into your busy day with our simple, easy-to-follow sewing patterns, that take the stress out of sewing. Try it out with this FREE simple tiered dress pattern that you can print off at home!
Get this FREE sewing pattern!

This high quality pattern is packed with the following features:

  • Detailed size chart to help you select the right size (0-3m through 14 youth)
  • Finished measurements chart
  • Fabric requirements chart and supplies list
  • Recommended fabric types
  • Printing instructions, including a chart of page numbers to print for your chosen size and options (no printing unnecessary pages and wasting paper/ink!)
  • Pattern assembly instructions: two provided methods, either trimming the edges of your pages before taping them together, or overlapping the edges - choose your preference!
  • Copy shop file - have the pattern printed on blueprint sized paper at a copy shop if you don't want to tape pages together!
  • Size blending instructions - use the width of one size with the height of another, for a perfect fit every time!
  • Fabric cutting tips
  • Detailed sewing instructions with illustrations - both in a detailed multi-page format with plenty of beginner tips, and a one page summary for easy reference
  • Video tutorials for many steps!

3 Pattern Piece Files to Choose Between

I'm ready to get sewing - send me to the pattern now!
There are so many ways to make this style your own! With 4 sleeve options, 2 fits (snug or relaxed fit), and any possible fabric combination you can dream up - the sky is the limit!
Your kids will love the comfortable t-shirt style bodice, with a full twirly skirt - and you will be their magical sewing hero when you can tell them "YES, I did make that for you!!"
Get this FREE sewing pattern!

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