Quadra Jacket Tester Photos

A big thank you to all our testers, they do an amazing job and are so much appreciated!

Marianne Savin

Size 5/6 blend, softshell outer with jersey/viscose lining

Muriel Vanotti

Size 14/18 blend, denim outer with piping and cotton woven lining

Cathy Howarth

Size 7, sweatshirt knit with rainbow piping

Marina Molenaar

Size 5, softshell

Bonnie Pretorius

Size 0-3m, cotton and interlock outer with bubble minky lining

Kristin Holt

Size 8/14 blend and 14/16 blend, fleece backed cotton lycra

Kristen Smith

Size 12-18m, softshell with flannel shirting facings

Nicole Michelle

Size 5, canvas and faux leather outer with minky lining

Robijn Cain

Size 8/14 blend and 14/16 blend, fleece backed cotton lycra

Mireille Ribiere

Size 4/7 blend, faux leather lined with cotton woven

Kim Strahan

Size 3, minky

Britney Fong

Size 12-18m, flannel and ponte outer with flannel lining

Emily Morneault

Size 4, fleece and sweatshirt fabric

Teresa Smith

Size 7/12 blend, denim and canvas outer with cotton woven lining

Paulette Bugajski

Size 12-18m/2 blend, french terry with minky lining

Kaylynn Friswell

Size 7, cotton woven

Aurore Dumaine

Size 3, softshell with reflective piping

Karen Weber

Size 18, french terry

Genevieve Ouellet

Size 8/10 blend, french terry with flannel lining

Lian Nesbitt

Size 4/5 blend, faux leather and herringbone sweater knit

Kaylynn Friswell

Size 7, cotton woven and fleece

Kira Panzer

Size 3/4 blend, PUL outer with flannel lining

Haneke Peeters

Size 6-12m, softshell

Megan Tracey

Size 3/4 blend, quilted nylon outer with chambray woven lining

Iting Huang Arato

Size 2, cotton woven

Kaylynn Friswell

Size 7, fleece and cotton woven

Sarah Gumtow

Size 8, nylon ripstop outer with fleece lining

Tanis Halladay

Size 12/14 blend, french terry

Natasha Nefdt

Size 3, melton wool with cotton facings

Virginie Brasey Lambert

Size 10, softshell with knit lining

Karen Weber

Size 2, softshell with piping

Michelle Cunninghellem

Size 3-6m/6-12m blend, fleece with cotton facings

Adrienne Currie

Size 3/5 blend, cotton woven and cable knit outer with minky lining

Bonnie Pretorius

Size 0-3m, flannel and softshell

Claudia Broos-Pauli

Size 7, cotton woven with viscose lining and reversible zipper

Ada C Y Chan

Size 12-18m/2 blend, translucent waterproof nylon with jersey knit lining

Deb Hansson

Size 10, flannel and microfleece

Adrienne Currie

Size 3/5 blend, quilted cotton with cotton woven facings

Anisha Stapfer

Size 6, PUL outer with sherpa lining and brim from Snuggle Bunny Poncho

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