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How to Make Slouchy Ruched Slipper Boots

This tutorial shows how to hack (modify) the Canmore Cuddle Boots pattern to have a slouchy ruched boot top. This method could also be used for the Rocky Mountain Slipper Boots – but that pattern is sized for wovens, and most fabrics that would drape nicely for the slouchy look would be stretchy knits.  I used super soft bamboo […]

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How to Add Trim to the Talia Tiered Skirt

Trim is a fantastic way to add contrast when making the Talia tiered skirt (FREE pattern with email subscription – see more info here) in a single fabric color or print! You can either use store bought piping (but it must have stretch, if you want to use it at the waist seam) or make your […]

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How to Add Arm Holes to ANY Car Seat Poncho!

Are you planning to sew a car seat poncho, like maybe the zippered/size adjustable Goober Pea Pod (shown in this tutorial) or the FREE Snuggle Bunny Poncho, and want to add on some arm holes? Here’s an easy (and cute!) way to do it! You can even add them to ANY existing car seat poncho!! STEP A – […]

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How to Add a Neckband to the Snuggle Bunny Cape

My daughter has never liked hoods. I kept trying, hoping one winter she’d realize how great they are for keeping your neck warm. But this year, I threw in the towel and took the hood off her newest car seat poncho, and added a neckband instead. She loves it so much better! So, for those […]

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How to Sew a Tiered Skirt

***UPDATE: If you don’t want to do the calculations, we now offer a FREE sewing pattern for a dress with a tiered skirt, which you can mash with the Reverie or pretty much any other bodice with a seam at the natural waist! Check out the Talia Tiered Dress.*** When I was organizing my fabrics recently, […]

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Gold River Overalls - mashups with pants or shorts patterns

The NEW no-placket version of the Gold River Adventure Dress makes it super easy to mash up the top of the dress (bibs/waistband) with some shorts or pants from another pattern! Simply sew your pants or shorts, leaving the waistband off, and then sew them together with the overall top at the waist, just as you would […]

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Pleated Strap Hack for the Reverie

The Reverie is already a pretty fast sew, but the gathering does take some time. The Addison circle skirt add-on eliminates the skirt gathering, and here is a fun hack you can use to skip the strap gathering, with a pretty pleat! Start with the regular steps of sewing your bodice back, up until the point where you would […]

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Neckline Facing tutorial for the Little Bow Pea

Since the Little Bow Pea was released, we've had quite a few people ask if the back can be cut on the fold, and/or if the neckline can be done in another way that doesn't require hemming (as hemming a curve can be a bit tricky). A member of the Goober Pea Designs team, Dee […]

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How to do a Sensory Adjustment on the Hip 2 B Square Tee

In testing for the Hip 2 B Square Tee, we found that a few people didn't like having a seam right under the armpit. Most were ok with it though - especially after adding the step to clip the corners of the seam allowance to reduce bulk. If your child has sensory aversions, you may […]

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How to add snaps or buttons to the Reverie bodice

The beautiful Reverie Dress is a very fitted style, and can be a little tricky to get over the head in a fabric with a firm stretch, like custom printed cotton lycra (it is much easier in a nice stretchy bamboo, rayon, or brushed polyester - for example). Here is a great way to make […]

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How to Add Leggings to the Sadie Skirt

Goober Pea Designs hasn't yet designed any pants patterns, and the main reason for that is because there are so many awesome ones out there already! Some of my favorites are even free, like the Plain Pants from Duck Butt Designs, or the Halla Leggings from Halla (please note, you will need a code from […]

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How to Add Elastic to the Campbell Vest (or Jacket) Hood

This tutorial shows how to add a elastic in the hood to the vest from the Campbell Jacket and Vest PDF sewing pattern. PLEASE NOTE: the free Basic Campbell Vest and the Campbell Jacket patterns have now been retired. This technique can be used in exactly the same way to add an elastic hood to […]

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