Using Snaps or Buttons on the Quadra Jacket

The beautiful ombre faux glitter fabric featured in this blog post is available for preorder in many different fabrics bases at Button and Bibs Fabric until July 11, 2021. I used the Heavy Weight French Terry base, which is perfect for a jacket - it has minimal stretch but still that soft Cotton French Terry […]

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Adding a Hanging Loop to the Quadra Jacket

Hi there! Anisha here from SASSY Creations! I have a handy little hack to show you today: a hanging loop for your Quadra Jacket! Very simply made and attached, this nifty little detail will help you keep your cloakroom tidy! 😃 I'll show/explain to you how to attach it to the lined and faced version […]

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Adding a Zipper Guard to the Quadra Jacket

Hi there! I'm Anisha from SASSY Creations! I'm so excited I got to help test the Quadra Jacket and I have a little hack to show you how easy it is to add a zipper/chin guard to your Quadra! Because I made this one as a rain jacket for my son, I wanted a little […]

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Adding a Brim to the Quadra Jacket

Hi there! Anisha here from SASSY Creations, with a little hack/mashup! I made my kids' Quadra Jackets out of PUL to be rain jackets, and since they all wear glasses, I decided I wanted to add a brim to keep their glasses drip-free. Luckily enough, the Goober Pea Designs Snuggle Bunny Poncho pattern has a […]

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How to Sew Piping

Piping is a deceptively simple detail to add to many different types of projects, for a really professional and elegant look - but it looks especially great on the Quadra Jacket! You can buy piping ready made from the store, or you can make your own - we'll save that for another tutorial though 😉 […]

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How to Shorten a Separating Zipper

One of our fabulous brand ambassadors Kristi Giba made a video for us showing how to shorten a separating zipper - a skill that is quite useful for the new Quadra Jacket sewing pattern. For reference, here is a list of the supplies she uses in the video: Needle Nose Pliers Diagonal Cutting Pliers Nippers […]

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